Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

What happens after I submit my paper? //delimiter// The paper goes to our editing team. The person who is most qualified to handle your particular type of document will begin editing it. We will email the finished document back to you at email address you gave us.

How much I need to pay to get the assignment done? //delimiter// The prices are fixed and specified on our pricing page. You can calculate the total for a custom paper simply clicking on the deadline, academic level you need, and specifying the number of pages needed. The support team will also be glad to give you a discount.

What kind of assistance with papers do you offer? //delimiter// There surely is a possibility for you to get paper written from scratch. However, in addition to this we offer rewriting, editing and proofreading services. You can always ask the support team to tell you which one is better for you.

Are there any options for me if I do not like the completed order? //delimiter// Sure, there are company's policies you can refer to. We will adjust the paper for you for free until you like it.

What kind of document format will I get back? //delimiter// We take whatever you give us and put it in Microsoft Word for editing. You will receive a Word document (.doc) as the deliverable.

Can you do style formatting, such as MLA, APA or Chicago style? //delimiter// Absolutely! Just select the option for writing style at checkout. Why worry about doing this yourself?

Can I give my editor special instructions? //delimiter// Yes, include these in the “message” field when you go to submit your document. We will do our best to accommodate.

My paper has to be a minimum length. Can you accommodate? //delimiter// Yes. We will not add content but will make sure to maintain your minimum length while editing. Include this requirement in the “message” field when you go to submit your document.

Will you need to contact me if you have questions? //delimiter// Yes, we may try to contact you for clarification if something does not make sense. Please check your email regularly.

Who are the ones you hire to be assistants with papers? //delimiter// We take care about the diligent selection of the best proficient writers. All they are Master's and Ph.D. level holders and have long experience of satisfying the clients with custom writing.